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'Endo:velopment' (opening)

Endo:velopment is a recurring exhibit featuring responses from creative locals to introduced urban development. These responses focus on and come from within our diverse existing communities around the NYC metro area.

The works in this exhibit take on the theme of an alternative model to current development practices. This theme of Endo:velopment, (a play on 'endo' meaning 'within') embodies a local self-empowered source of development, which directly opposes the paradigm that development is dependent on an influx of the global elite in order to to generate economic and urban growth.

The primary expression of this theme are series of architectural designs that propose alternatives typologies and programming to sites already slated for development.

We invite anyone interested to participate by submitting a project, especially since this is a recurring exhibit. Visit the project brief for more information and to submit your own work.

The opening will be held in the tin room Sunday, Sep. 4- and be made available for showings in September.

The exhibit is free. Anyone is welcome to stop by this opening for snacks and wine.


Earlier Event: August 28
'Endo:velopment' (submission deadline)