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Development has become a systematized process, envisioning an urban future comprised solely of luxury residential high-rises.
This vision is not unanimous–  and Endo:velopment  is an recurring exhibition of works which show the public, developers and municipal government that there are alternatives which would better serve our existing diverse communities.
Endo:velopment is a play on ‘endo’ (meaning ‘within’) and ‘development’. It describes an approach to urban development which arises from within a neighborhood. By focusing on the potential of self-empowerment, we create direct opposition to the current paradigm- which treats development as a process that is dependent on the influx of an external unaffiliated population.
Works in the exhibition present direct responses to instances of proposed development within the communities of the works' creators. The exhibit presents explorations into forms of urban engagement, and programmatic typologies.
Architects, students, collaborative groups, and other interested individuals are invited to contribute to this recurring exhibit on a rolling basis.

[Sunday, SEPT. 4]

at the tin room

SnRM invites submissions of works that explore this theme. To submit yours, please read the full brief and guidelines [here]