pedestrian trans-hudson



Manhattan, its surrounding boroughs and adjacent cities are all strongly interdependent.

The movement of people across these districts is the driving force that generates and sustains our metropolis.

While the toll lanes and PATH tunnels act as important conduits between the 'sixth borough' and the rest of the city, there is still no free and pedestrian access.  

The effect of this not only immobilizes people who can't afford the fare, but it mediates the experiences of transit, place and belonging. 

In recognizing the profound cultural impact of pedestrian routes across the East River, we find a need for the same opportunities across the Hudson.

PTH is a design challenge that proposes a footbridge over the hudson. 

This challenge consists of an open charette [a rapid and informal design session] followed by an exhibition of those ideas.

The tin room will provide materials and references for the charette which will take place on Saturday, OCT. 1.  Students and designers are also welcome to bring laptops in order to work digitally. 

Any work created at the charette [and any submissions received before Thursday OCT. 13] will be exhibited at the tin room on Friday OCT. 14

Charette:                                            Saturday, OCT. 1

Charette Exhibition:                            Friday, OCT. 14