Resting Room

urban metabolic autonomy




Resting Room is a competition of works that interpret the relationship between autonomy and the commons, through the banal subject of the public restroom.
Cities seem amenable to our needs,
yet in urban life it isn't too strange to buy a coffee just to use the restroom.
The built environment is a function and fabrication of this kind of economy, and as a result, access to services becomes increasingly complex.
Navigation and occupation of space by our bodies has always been punctuated by our metabolism, yet property no longer corresponds to these needs and rhythms.
The 'sharing' economy is one reaction of many to changing financial paradigms and stresses. What are ways in which urbanism can react to reclaim its metabolic synchronicity.
How does architecture navigate the typology of the public restroom, when society deems it a non-place. How can these spaces affirm our identity and autonomy when national attention divides us along lines of gender and presentation.
SnRM will award the most compelling entry 
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Entry Deadline:                               Thursday, NOV. 3

Competition Exhibition:                      Friday, NOV. 11

SnRM invites you to enter this competition. Please see [HERE] to submit and for more info.




entry fee: none registration:    jury: may evolve but for now consists of SnRM 

award: 100$ or 50$ 50$ 50$ may evolve.



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